Area Wide Open Auditions

We are holding initial auditions to generate interest and add to our organization in preparation for our first official slam in October. All teen poets of all levels of experience are welcome. Don’t be afraid or worried. Our goal to help those who yearn for the chance to share their voice.

Auditions will be held at the Arts Council of Fayetteville downtown from 12:00pm to 2:30pm. If you would like to reserve an audition time, please message or email us. All that is needed is a prepared original piece written by the auditioning poet. Memorization is recommended but is not required, and pieces should be anywhere from one to four minutes long in length. Please bring multiple pieces.

Videos from the 2018 SERNC Group Slam Competition

Below are the three pieces performed at the 2018 SERNC Group Slam Competition this past April, where the kids were the only youth team competing against three amazing adult slam teams, including the 2018 NPS Champs, SlamCharlotte.

“Ball is Life” by Zuriel Fredd and Isa Meachum 

“Ubuntu” by LaShonda Sousa and Reagan Ford 

“Dear ‘Woke’ White People” by Isa Meachum, Reagan Ford, and Zuriel Fredd

2017 BNV Quarterfinals

For the first time ever, Poetic Pathos Youth Slam represented Fayetteville at the 20th Annual Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Festival.  Here are three of the pieces that the team brought to the table for their first national competition.

“PTSD” by Nik Bishop, Isa Meachum, Reagan Ford, and Ishmael Meachum (Warning: Strong language)

“Remember” by Ishmael Meachum

“Black Boy Joy” by Isa and Ishmael Meachum

The 2018-2019 Slam Season!

We are soon beginning our 2018-2019 Slam season.  Last season, we were unfortunately unable to attend Brave New Voices due to time and financial reasons, so we’re getting a head start this year and we made a few changes to our qualifications policy.  Check out How to Qualify to see our updated requirements.  Please share with any youth poet you know and we’ll update you all soon on when and where our first slam of the season will take place.

2018 SERNC Poetry Festival Group Slam Competition

This past Saturday at the Sweet Palette was the main event of the 2018 SERNC Poetry Festival, where Poetic Pathos Youth Slam competed against three of North Carolina’s best adult slam teams in a unique group slam competition.  It was definitely a challenge for the team, as they were not just the only team representing Fayetteville, but the only team representing the youth of NC as they competed against Bull City Slam of Durham, Slam Charlotte, and Respect da Mic of Charlotte.  Poetic Pathos Youth Slam chose Isa Meachum and Zuriel Fredd of our 2018 BNV team and LaShonda Sousa of our 2018 BNV entourage and first alternate to represent us in the group slam.  They were captained by 2017 BNV team member and new Assistant Coach, Reagan Ford.

While the team ended up placing third, they certainly put up a fight and put the adults on notice.  First place winners, Bull City Slam, scored an 89.1 after three rounds while Slam Charlotte placed second with an 89.  Poetic Pathos showed that they could certainly keep up with an 88.6, only .4 points behind 2nd place and .5 points behind 1st.  The shining moment of the night came during the last round after Bull City and Respect da Mic both scored a 30 and Slam Charlotte scored a 29.9.  As the last team to go in the round, the poets definitely had a lot of pressure.  Thankfully, the team performs well under pressure as they not only scored a 30 with their piece “Dear Woke White People,” they were the only team to score a “Dirty 30” when every judge gave them a 10 for the piece!  Good job to these four poets for representing Poetic Pathos Youth Slam!

Check out our Official YouTube page for videos of their performance: Official Poetic Pathos YouTube Page